Fire Prevention and Education

Community education and school district programs

Fayetteville Fire & EMS performs an array of community-oriented education, including fire prevention, home escape planning and general life-safety and fire inspections. We are also fortunate to have a state-of-the-art fire prevention trailer that is used to demonstrate proper techniques and reinforce good fire prevention habits.

In conjunction with the Manlius Fire Department, we also provide age-appropriate fire awareness and prevention training to K-12 students within the Fayetteville-Manlius School District. This comprehensive program includes general fire safety and topics such as the importance of identifying a common meeting place and developing and practicing a home escape plan. We also educate students on common hazards within the home and the importance of having working carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

When students begin learning about cooking in school, we discuss fire hazards related to cooking and show them the proper steps to take in the event a fire occurs. As students get older, we incorporate additional information specific to fire behavior, characteristics of fire, and even an in-depth look at the chemistry involved in fire extinguishment. Finally, every other year we host a program on distracted driving with the juniors and seniors, discussing the importance and consequences of choices made behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Please feel free to call Station 20 at 315-637-6101 and ask to speak to the duty officer should you have any questions regarding these programs.