Code Enforcement

Compliance with the both the New York State and village of Fayetteville codes

Fayetteville Fire & EMS has roughly 100 members, including twelve full-time career firefighters who are also certified as New York State Codes Compliance Technicians (CCT). These personnel work with the village Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) to perform fire and life safety inspections at all commercial and multi-family residential (three or more apartments) properties located within the Village of Fayetteville. Properties are inspected yearly to ensure compliance with both the New York State and Village of Fayetteville codes. The goal of this program is to ensure that properties are protected from unwanted fires as well as other hazards. Violations encountered during inspections are cited and owners are given a period of time to correct the issues before turning the inspection report over to the CEO for further action. Common violations found include:

  • Fire extinguishers not inspected
  • Extension cords in place of permanent wiring
  • Missing/damaged ceiling tiles
  • Furnaces not inspected annually
  • Storage too close to the ceiling (18 foot with sprinklers/24 foot non-sprinklered)
  • Obstructed electrical panels
  • Address numbers not visible from the road

Our goal with this program is simply to avoid loss of life and property damage caused by unwanted fires. Most inspections only take a few minutes and we try to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Please feel free to call Station 20 at 315-637-6101 and ask to speak to the duty officer should you have any questions regarding this program.