Volunteering Opportunities

Firefighter | EMT or Paramedic | Apparatus Operator | Fire Corps | Youth Firefighter/Fire Explorer

We Offer 6 Great Ways to Serve

For individuals 18 years of age and older who have an interest in exploring the exciting world of firefighting and emergency medical services, we provide the required training to ensure you feel competent and confident in all the ways you serve. Not only is all the training free to you, but most of it is offered in-house by one of our many state-certified instructors. Regardless, we will be right alongside you the entire journey, offering all the support you need as you develop into a certified firefighter and contributing member.

Fayetteville Fire & EMS offers unique and fulfilling opportunities to volunteer and serve your community:

  • Firefighter – Train and respond to structure, vehicle, and outdoor fires, vehicle, and specialized rescues, and other emergencies or calls for service and assistance.
  • EMT or Paramedic – Care for the sick and injured, providing basic or advanced emergency medicine.
  • Driver/Apparatus Operator – Drive and operate fire apparatus, ambulances, or one of our other specialized rescue vehicles.

We offer flexible scheduling to make volunteering fit into your life:

  • Fire Corps – Serve in a variety of non-emergency, non-response functions that support the operations and outreach programs of the fire department. Fire Corps volunteers are not on-call like their responder counterparts but serve during unscheduled times and scheduled events.

Not 18 years old yet? We have you covered!

Our Fayetteville Fire & EMS Youth Programs are for individuals 14 through 17 years of age who have an interest in learning about fire and emergency services, having fun, and serving their community. They are designed to instill a sense of character, confidence, and self-esteem in each member. The program also teaches fire/rescue skills, self-discipline, and respect. Fire Explorers participate in formal training supplemented by field trips and developmental assignments related to fire prevention, control, and emergency medical services. Parental permission is required for participation.

  • Youth Firefighter – For young adults age 16-17 to learn life and character skills while training to be a first responder in their community.
  • Fire Explorer – With a focus on community service opportunities, these young people age 14-15, enjoy fun group activities while preparing for a training path in fire and emergency services.