How to Join

Volunteer with Station 20

First responders hold one of the most coveted and fragile possessions in the palm of their hand: public trust. For this reason, we seek individuals of high moral character, trustworthiness, and integrity who have a sincere desire to selflessly serve others with compassion and respect during their most vulnerable moments. Thus, the process to become a member of Fayetteville Fire & EMS includes a variety of checks and balances to ensure all our members possess and maintain the highest level of professionalism. We think you’ll agree these are the traits you’d be looking for in the individuals that come to rescue you and your family in your time of need.

These steps outline the general process for acceptance and progression as a contributing member of Fayetteville Fire & EMS

1. Complete Online Inquiry Form

Start your process by filling out the form here

2. Complete & Return Application Packet

Includes Criminal Background Check, Driver’s License Check, Sexual Offender Registry Check & Insurance Beneficiary Forms

3. Interviews

Participate in Interviews with Membership Committee and Fire Chief

4. Observation Period

If application is approved by Village Board, complete observation period and introductory training

5. Orientation

Attend quarterly orientation and begin as a probationary member