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Fayetteville Fire & EMS offers unique and fulfilling opportunities to volunteer and serve your community as a:

  • Volunteer Firefighter – Train and respond to structure, vehicle and outdoor fires, vehicle and specialized rescues, and other emergencies or calls for service and assistance.
  • Volunteer EMT or Paramedic – Care for the sick and injured, providing basic or advanced emergency medicine.
  • Volunteer Driver/Apparatus Operator – Drive and operate fire apparatus, ambulances or associated rescue vehicles.
  • Fire Corps Volunteer – Serve in a variety of non-emergency, non-response functions that support the operations and outreach programs of the fire department.
  • Youth Volunteer Firefighter – For young adults age 16-18 to learn life and character skills while training to be a first responder in their community.
  • Fire Explorer – With a focus on community service opportunities, these young people age 14-16, enjoy fun group activities while preparing for a training path in fire and emergency services.
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We offer flexible scheduling to make volunteering fit into your life:

  • Duty Crew assignments for volunteer firefighters and EMS providers – give us one day or night each week and we will provide all of the training and equipment needed to be a successful volunteer.
  • “Live-in” program for college students offers free living accommodations in return for volunteer service.

Our expectations are achievable:

  • Complete initial fire and/or EMS training
  • Continued professional development through in-house, county, state, and national training opportunities
  • Duty crew commitment of (12) hours/week plus (1) Saturday rotation every six weeks (550 duty crew hours per year)

20 Great Reasons to Join STATION 20:

  1. Lifelong friendships and the camaraderie of a busy firehouse
  2. Respect and admiration of your community and the people you serve
  3. Opportunities for growth, personal development, and advancement
  4. Fulfilling and rewarding experiences in serving as part of a team
  5. Our duty crew program has no residency requirements, which means our members can live practically anywhere
  6. Personal protective equipment and uniform apparel provided at no cost to you
  7. Initial and annual medical physicals paid for by the Department
  8. Free training and ongoing professional development through in-house, county, state, and national learning opportunities
  9. On-duty meals provided by the Department each Saturday
  10. Top of the line on-site fitness facility
  11. Retirement plan
  12. Village, Town, and School District Tax Credits
  13. State Income Tax Credit
  14. Life Insurance
  15. Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  16. Accidental Death & Disability Insurance
  17. Presumptive Cancer Insurance Coverage
  18. Recently remodeled state of the art facility
  19. Member of the Month, Firefighter/EMS Provider of the Year, and Commendation Recognition Programs
  20. Frequent family activities

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